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    At the beginning of the year 2016, we would like to wish you and your loved ones good health, happiness, goodness and love wherever you live and work.

    We are looking forward for the new season and we hope that it will be even better than last year. We have some news, you can read more about them in the sections "Registration" and "News".

    We would like to ask the parents with children younger than two years to consider the participation of the child at the Speleotherapy. We definitely do not recommend staying in the cave for children younger than one and a half years. Children at this age respond to the underground surrounding with restlessness and are crying. Their response to the cave environment is often difficult to control despite the presence of a parent and the resulting situation disrupts the whole program of the group.

    The effect of the treatment at this age is from the perspective of professionals questionable, as the immune system of children matures around the 2nd year of life.

    Thank you for your understanding and wish you a great summer 2016 with even more beautiful experiences in Bystrá.


Prices update for 2016

20/01/2016 10:28
Please note the change in the price for guide in cave with child and for sleeping bag here.

Dates for 2016

20/01/2016 10:23
You can find the Dates of Stays here