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Another season is over and we consider it successful, even though we do not have feedback from this year's participants about their health yet. But many, who experienced significant improvement in the health of their children or their own after medical stay in 2015, came again this year. Also many new participants came, who received positive references from their friends and relatives. Because of the great interest we entered the cave in two groups – in the morning and afternoon as well.


Treatment was attended by over 200 children and adults, including accompanying parents. We had again participants from abroad - Czech Republic, Germany and Austria.


Based on the intermediate verifications and interviews, the participants were satisfied with the services provided, in spite of a non-functional pension Bystrinka that is out of service for longer period. We had to adapt to the situation at the time of your arrival, and you were missing certain comfort and catering facilities near the cave. We appreciate your understanding and patience in difficult conditions and want to thank you.


For the season 2017 we try our best to arrange more favorable environment for our joint meetings. Until then, we wish you good health and successful days in this and next year and we look forward to see you in the season 2017.



P.S.: For information about dates in the season 2017 visit our website at the end of January 2017 under "News" and "Registration"


Prices update for 2016

20/01/2016 10:28
Please note the change in the price for guide in cave with child and for sleeping bag here.

Dates for 2016

20/01/2016 10:23
You can find the Dates of Stays here